Make-up By Suzanna Lea

Professional Makeup

About Me

The desire to want to be a makeup artist and hair stylist started at a very young age. Barbie and Stacie received a lot shampoo styles and lovely hair cuts with the kitchen scissors. My Grandpa rocked out my creative Lego hair pieces and Grandma's barrettes. The neighbor boys getting full on makeovers, and my three year old sister became the house hold diva.  

In middle school I became obsessed with makeup and the art of enhancing beauty. I would love to show my friends the in's and out's of make up, all the new things I would learn. Art class was always my best class, I was very interested in the human body and it's unique shape. Then came the difficult decision, what to study in college. So I decided to seek a field of study that I hoped would lead to success while also meeting my creative needs. No one told me digital animation would require math class, so I dropped that and began my career in beauty.

I attended Douglas J Aveda Institute in East Lansing, MI in 2009. With in my first three months of Cos under my belt I was discovered by Hollywood's make up artist James Ryder. He offered me a once in a life time oprotunity to travel to Hollywood, CA to begin my portfolio in one of his exclusive work shops. I was honored and could not pass this up. He travels the United States looking for up coming fresh talent.